It’s the time of year for my annual pilgrimage to Vegas. Last year I was very excited to play because I felt I had come so far as a poker player, then proceeded to lose my first ten sessions. Even though I eventually bounced back and ended up making money on the trip, it was a rough couple weeks.

This year I’m coming in with different expectations. I don’t really see Vegas as a money-maker anymore. In general, I’ve found the games are better in Detroit. Now I see the value in the trip more in things like measuring myself against other pros, stoking my ambition, and making connections. I’m taking a more relaxed approach to winning and losing.

I’ve only played a few sessions so far, but I’ve already booked a couple wins, so I’m ahead of last year at least. It would be tempting to say my new approach is working, but as always in poker, luck is the biggest factor in the short term.


One thought on “Vegas

  1. Jeff says:

    Nate, please keep us posted on how you are doing, especially if you go deep in any of the WSOP tournaments.


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