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Track your time with ease and collaborate in teams.

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Manage projects and clients, and team up

Heyweek makes it super simple for you to add clients and projects in any way you need.

Gain insights

Use our insights and reporting tools to gain a deeper understanding for your projects and clients. Or export your data to further drill into the numbers using external tools of your own choosing.

Chart showing top 3 clients

We made sure to provide you with personal insights too. Use our activity heatmap and other charts to understand how you work and how to improve your efficiency. This will lay a great foundation for you to set a balanced work-life ratio that works for you.

Activity heatmap

Make it yours

Wether you prefer to work in dark mode or not, we got you covered. We made sure to make Heyweek customizable for your every need and use the colors you love.

And that's not all, for a distraction free working environment, we made it easy for you to hide any part of the application that you do not use. We love this feature, and we are pretty certain you will too.

Be like lightning

Work faster with your keyboard. We are a bunch of keyboard fanatics, so we made sure that Heyweek is blazingly fast to use without a mouse. Use easily accessible keyboard shortcuts to execute commands easily.

To take keyboard usage even further, we have a fully integrated command bar the lets you navigate and execute commands throughout Heyweek like a pro.