More Coup

A few more thoughts after playing some more…

I’ve introduced the game to several people and found that new players have very consistent tendencies. In general they’re too risk-averse, manifesting in

1. Being reluctant to call bluffs, and 

2. Not bluffing enough. When they do bluff, they often exhibit extreme timing tells. That is, if they actually have it they will block instantly. If they don’t, they’ll think a long time before bluffing.

So if you’re playing a new player, you can get away with profligate bluffing. If you’re just starting — bluff more!

I still haven’t played with more than two players, looking forward to that.


2 thoughts on “More Coup

  1. Aaron Solon says:

    Hah, I’ll have to pretend to think for longer.

  2. Jack of Aces says:

    I haven’t played it with one oponnent. It’s pretty good with more players.
    New players pretend to Duke often and use Coup more than Assasin. It ends with weakened Contessa so it can be good to claim Ambassador in first turn to get rid of her.

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