Simple Systems

An old forum post from Sauce:

The purpose of this guide is to make decisions as simple as possible for us and as hard as possible for our opponents while retaining large amounts of implied odds and fold equity. 

General Theorem: Project a nitty image but 3bet like a monkey because this stat doesnt come up on poker tracker/ HUD and our opponents are multitabling robots.


Obviously online poker has changed a lot since then and such a simple strategy wouldn’t work anymore.

Or would it? Honestly I don’t know. Some people think to be good at poker you have to have a complex strategy, but having the right simple strategy for the right opponent can be quite effective. This isn’t an easy strategy to play against, but everyone has 3bet% on their HUD these days and I think you’re going to start getting 4bet more than you want.

Setting aside the specifics, it can be helpful to try to codify strategies in the way Sauce has done. It forces you to think about your game plan: what are your opponents’ weaknesses? How are you going to make money?

Daniel Negreanu once suggested an even simpler plan for heads-up no limit hold’em. Bet half pot on every street. Ridiculously simple, but surprisingly hard to defeat if you haven’t thought it through or you don’t know what’s going on.

Simpler still, there was a comment on a low-stakes online video that had a huge influence on me. It said the way to beat low-stakes was to “keep clicking bet until they raise. Then click fold.” This simple plan is the foundation of my strategy against weak players to this day. It’s effective because weak players usually just play their own cards. They raise with strong hands, call with medium hands, and fold weak hands. If they raise, you know they’re probably strong and you can fold unless you have a huge hand. If they only call, they’re probably not very strong, and you can likely get them off their hand by the river.

If you had to write out a strategy for the games you play in, what would it be? How could someone defeat your strategy?


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