Deep stacks, big pots

Fun hand observed at 5/10 between two young, aggressive players: open in early position to 35, 3bet to 130, 4bet to 535, call. Flop A98r. Bet 450, call. Turn 8, bet 950, call. River 3, bet 2475, call. Guess either player’s hand.


4 thoughts on “Deep stacks, big pots

  1. Chris says:

    Probably something ridiciulous like 82o against pocket sixes.

    keep up the blogging! I am reading it from holland and I really enjoy it.

    • grindrewind says:

      Hey, glad you like the blog! You were kind of close: J5s v QQ.

      • KFay says:

        Sounds like QQ made a tough call. Hats off to him.

      • grindrewind says:

        Tough call, definitely…good call, I’m not so sure. I doubt this is a profitable call down against an unknown, even if he’s young and seemingly aggressive. As I’ve mentioned before, most players, even aggressive players, don’t actually bluff off 5k all that often. But I don’t know, maybe the guy with QQ knew something I don’t.

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