The Detroit School of PLO

Did you know there’s a group of young firebrands from Detroit turning the poker world on end with their unorthodox play? Not content to accept strategies that have proven profitable in the post, they’ve rebuilt the game from the ground up. These are the tenets of the Detroit School of PLO:

  • Nearly any hand is worth a call pre-flop. The worse your hand, the more deceptive when you hit!
  • Counter-intuitively, bad hands get better the more money goes in. You don’t have to worry about your set or flush draw being dominated if you’ve already committed a third of your stack.
  • Pocket trips are worth playing for blockers. If you flop blockers, you’ll have three of them! If you’re lucky enough to get dealt quads all the better.
  • Nothing beats a min-three bet in position. If they four bet, you know they have aces. No matter what happens, you’ll certainly annoy your opponent. Some particularly progressive players have taken this thinking one step further and started min-three betting out of position.
  • It’s all about the nuts. If you don’t have the nuts, you can’t value bet. If your opponent doesn’t have the nuts, he can’t call a big bet.
  • Folding is for sissies.

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