I lost 4.5k the other day. When I went through my records on my phone I was a little surprised to discover that that’s my biggest loss ever. I used to have trouble sleeping after losing a lot. After this session I was a little annoyed, but I slept fine. At this point people are just giving away money at PLO and the main thing is to keep showing up and collecting. On the one hand that’s nice for keeping stress low and it’s a profitable situation, but it also makes it really hard to get focused enough to play A-game.

A big pot from the session: 5/10 PLO with a $20 straddle, Eddie opened to 70 in early position with a short stack, Abe called, and I squeezed with KK97 single-suited. Eddie opens pretty loose and with less than $500 I felt very comfortable getting it in with kings. I was eyeing his stack and tried to size so that if he shoved it would re-open the betting. I made it 225. HB cold-called in the small blind, which he would do with nearly any four cards. This is quite common in these games and I’m not entirely sure what it’s about. I guess people are obsessed with trying to crack aces. The more strength you show, the more eager they are to put money in with weak hands. Obviously that’s a dynamic that rewards straightforward, solid play. In any case, Eddie cooperatively shoves…but for only 365, not quite a raise. Abe calls, I’m left with no choice but to over-call, and HB comes along. The flop is 752 rainbow and HB pots. Abe folds. I have a few hundred more than a pot-sized bet. I used to fold in some situations like this, but I’ve come to appreciate how important it is to play tenaciously in these bloated pots in PLO. You can’t be in the habit of folding away equity once the pot gets huge. Against HB in particular, he’ll shove pretty near any pair, any draw, so it’s a snap get-it-in. He showed up with Q964 for the bare open-ender, but got there on the river to win a 5k pot.

It’s important to get angry about the right things, so I was pleased that I didn’t really mind getting sucked out on, but was pretty upset and embarrassed about messing up the sizing on my raise. There was some silver lining in that I got to make a good decision post-flop, although in retrospect it wasn’t a very tough one, and get my money is as a 2-to-1 favorite.

I just got a tablet and I’m going to try to do a liveblog during my session today.

Coasting along at PLO


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