James Bonding

James Bond, verb; to explain your plan in sufficient detail that it may be thwarted in the future (in the manner of a James Bond villain).

You wouldn’t believe how often people do this. After one recent hand, in which a player folded to a small bet, he commented that he would have called a bigger bet as it would be more likely to be a bluff. I made a mental note to bet big next time I had a value hand against him.

Couldn’t he be lying? Yeah, I guess, but in my experience, while people often lie about their exact holdings, they rarely lie about their strategy.

A few days later at 2/5 it limped many ways and I held KQo in the big blind. I raised to 50 and everyone folded except the guy who made the comment in the previous hand. The flop came K43 rainbow. Normally I would continuation bet on the smaller side on this texture, but this time I bet 100 into 125. He quickly called. The turn was a 6, and I went all-in for about 300. To my surprise he quickly folded.

“No pair?” I asked.

“Yeah, knew you were bluffing, but I couldn’t call.”

Wow. I thought betting big would induce lighter calls from a hand like 88, I didn’t know it would cause him to float me with total air. If I had known that I might have checked the turn to induce a bluff. There’s always next time.


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