Face up

A chubby kid with an Ohio State jersey and Jimmy Newtron hair sits down at 5/10 and promptly announces he has 15000 on the Ohio State-Michigan State game. TK, a regular and something of an asshole, gives him a once over.
“What kind of car do you drive?”
“A Mercedes.”
TK lets that hang in the air for a moment. “Really?”
The kid plays weakly and badly until this hand happens. He makes a big raise preflop and one of the regs calls. The flop is 775 and he bets the pot, 200, with about 2000 behind. The reg goes into the tank. Then, with no apparent provocation, Ohio State rolls his hand: QQ. The reg instantly raises to 500 and now it’s Ohio State’s turn to tank. Eventually he folds, saying, “It was either fold or go all in.”

That might be the strangest poker hand I’ve ever seen. People talk about turning your hand face up, but usually they mean it figuratively, as in playing in such a way that it makes your hand obvious. And while there are some spots that should be played fold/shove, this is about a far from that kind on spot as you can get.


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