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Poker in Detroit v. Poker in Vegas…

Cash plays in Vegas – You can just put your bills straight on the table. Aside from being convenient, I find this incredibly baller. A big pile of chips on top of cash just looks good. It suggests an overflowing of riches, a quantity of wealth that cannot be contained in a single medium. Advantage: Vegas

Games are softer in Detroit – No one in Detroit has ever bothered to learn to play poker. There are fish in Vegas, but it’s rare to find a table with no competent players. That’s the norm in Detroit. Advantage: Detroit

Vegas has game selection – You have your choice of Rio (during the WSOP), Bellagio, Aria, and many others. In Detroit it’s pretty much just Motorcity. It’s not a great poker room by any means, but MGM and Greektown have completely dropped the ball. Advantage: Vegas

Vegas has higher stakes – In Detroit 5/10 might run three days a week, 10/20 once a week if you’re lucky. In Vegas you can play 10/20 around the clock any day of the week (and higher too if you want, of course). Advantage: Vegas

Anonymity – This one is really just personal preference, but I appreciate the anonymity that I get playing in Vegas’s much larger player pool. I don’t see poker as a personal confrontation. I pretty much just sit there and try to make good plays. Detroit can be quite cliquey and what earns respect is bravado and spewy bluffs. I’m certainly one of the most profitable players in Detroit, but I don’t think I’m one of the most feared players. Which is fine of course, I can go right on making money, that’s what being a professional is all about. Advantage: Vegas for emotional comfort, Detroit for profitability

Vegas poker rooms are located in Las Vegas – If you ask me, Vegas is an expensive, soul-sucking hell hole. Detroit can be a bit post-apocalyptic, but it has pluck. Advantage: Detroit


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