Winning at poker means your strategy defeats your opponent’s strategy. Or, to put it a different way, if you played forever you would win. But what you actually get to see when you play poker is the results of individual hands, which are highly dependent on luck. Basically you’d like to see the forest, but really expensive trees keep hitting you in the face. A visual representation of the problem would look something like this:

Strategy vs. strategy





Individual hand

 Learning to think about poker is largely trying to fill in that gap in the middle. There are a lot of good ideas that can go in that gap, some of which I’ve already written about, some of which I’ll probably write about in the future: Sklansky bucks, reciprocality, G bucks, ranges… Unfortunately, they don’t fit into a neat hierarchy culminating in strategy vs. strategy. They’re more like a collection of complementary stabs at the problem.


3 thoughts on “

  1. KFay says:

    There’s a small corner of Sklanksy-ism known as the Sklansky-Chubukov strategy. It’s covered in “No Limit Hold ‘Em.”

    Chubukov is a good friend of mine. He was a member of my USA bridge team that went to Beijing in 2008. Smart guy. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s just a theoretical thing. But I noticed that you were using charts at least at some point to determine whether you’d play hands while multi-tabling. The strategy is basically a chart 🙂

  2. KFay says:

    By the way, Chubukov doesn’t play poker anymore. He’s a bridge man!!

    The cream rises to the top, as they say.

  3. grindrewind says:

    Yeah, I’m not opposed to playing fun, interesting games for no money… We just can’t do it all the time, unfortunately.

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