He has a gold-plated bracelet with his name, Lance, and a periscope-like device for looking at his hole cards. In his first hand at the table he calls a raise in the big blind. Then on a jack-high board he leads out and instantly shoves over a raise. The raisor folds after some thought and Lance reveals JJ, top set. “As my friend says, all you can eat,” he announces. He then proceeds to run incredibly well, order several mojitos, pay time for the whole table, and generally live it up before his luck turns sour.
A woman who could be his girlfriend, daughter, or something else comes to pick him up. It’s his last hand at the table and everyone knows he is not folding. He raises, gets re-raised and called. The flop is T95. He calls a huge bet. The turn is a king. Another big bet, more than half his remaining stack — he goes all-in. His opponent sighs and calls. The river’s another king. Lance’s KJ takes down Aces and he goes home a winner.


3 thoughts on “Lance

  1. KFay says:

    When are you going to be as good as guy?

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