A Return to Normalcy

Sitting down at the table in Vegas feels like a return to order. Detroit is a weird poker hinterlands. Almost untouched by internet poker, the same guys have been playing the same way for decades. Everyone lobs in their chips and the flop oozes out like a primordial goo of egos, personalities, moods, and misconceptions. It’s a sticky place to play. In Detroit, you stop by the inn and the hunchbacked barkeep alludes to dark secrets you’ll never understand. In Vegas, poker’s gleaming capital city, things make sense, more or less. It’s neither the backwoods freak show of Detroit, nor the tense viciousness of online poker. It’s obvious who the fish are and who the regulars are. The regulars are competent, but not too daring (at least at 5/10). When they show their hands, they always make sense. The regulars play whack-a-mole with the fish, who keep trying to limp in. Money flows from bad players to good players. There is order. It’s kind of relaxing.

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