Getting Serious

The pokertableratings page for my new online account has one comment: someone called TheRat says I’m “moronically loose.”

It’s always nice to know you tilted someone, but the truth is I have been playing too loose. If you want to make a decent hourly playing live poker, you can’t really afford to sit around and wait for hands. You have to find weak spots in people’s games and pound on them; in some of these spots, it almost doesn’t matter what you have. This type of thinking has spilled over some into my online game. No matter how much I will myself to play tighter, I keep seeing spots to get out of line. I decided to get serious and create charts for my opening ranges from each position, so this is now how the wall next to my computer looks:

Pocket pairs go diagonally from top left to lower right. The red hands on the right are suited, the blue hands on the left are unsuited. The yellow hands represent the hands that I open when it’s folded to me in each position (under the gun, hijack, cutoff, button). Of course my opening range expands as I get into later position.

So far it seems to be working pretty well. I’ve been 16-tabling fairly comfortably and at the stakes I’m playing, a straightforward, solid approach appears to be quite profitable.

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