Bad Beats

After writing about how laughably improbable the bad beat jackpot is a few weeks ago, Dom and I almost hit it. That is, we weren’t just at the table when someone almost hit it, we were actually the two players in the hand, one card away from hitting the winning and the losing share of the bad beat. We got all-in with 33 vs A4s on 532. The turn was another 3, giving me quads and Dom a straight flush draw. So we were 1-in-44 to hit on the river, up from about, I don’t know, 1-in-a-billion at the start of the hand. We didn’t hit it, naturally, but I never expected to come that close.

And then today I got the table share for the “small” bad beat, Aces full of Kings beaten by a straight flush. Someone hit it recently so it was only about $800 for the table share, but that’s still not bad for a chunk of equity you’ve written off as meaningless.

The actual experience of hitting the bad beat is surprisingly lame. I don’t know what I was expecting — confetti raining down, I guess — but what actually happened was a harried floor person collected our driver’s licenses, gave us some tax forms to fill out, and we waited…and waited…for over an hour. It was like being whisked from the poker room to the DMV. After the first half hour we got to play while we waited, but it was still kind of a drag.

Given that the bad beat is a big selling point for the casino, it seems like they should figure out a way to make it more fun. I guess the tax forms are government-mandated, but at least bring everybody a glass of champagne or something.

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