Lavell is a river boat gambler. Figuratively, I mean: he likes to get his money in there. Literally, he owns river boats on which gambling occurs, or so I’ve heard. That’s how he can afford the figurative part.

“This looks like a good spot for a stick-up” he’ll muse when someone checks to him. He’s courteous, affable, and good-natured whether winning or losing. The only problem with Lavell, in fact, is that he makes the game kind of boring…if you can call gambling a few thousand on a marginal hand boring. Against the toughest opponents it’s hard to know if you’re supposed to call or fold. If you fold a good hand against Lavell, you might as well quit poker.


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  1. […] Lavell usually comes in late. When he does, someone will say, “Lavell’s here,” and everyone else will turn in their seats to look.Then the table takes kind of a collective deep breath, because everyone knows the game is about to get much bigger. […]

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